Volunteering is a way of learning to make our lives into a process of just giving and being willing. Not just willing to do this or that, simply willing.


Sadhguru: The whole process of Yoga is just to give yourself. When I say give yourself, people may not know how to simply give themselves. People need some kind of means to give themselves. Whatever you may give in your life to anybody - you may give money, you may give food, you may give education. All the things that you give, actually do not belong to you, yes? Whatever you have today, everything including your body, you gathered it from this earth and when you go, you have to give it back.

Ways to Volunteer

Class Setup

Give us hand in setting up class for programs/events

Spread The Word

Help us in reaching out to as many people possible around the world by sharing your experience with others

Software Development

Help us develop new features in our website which will speed up our growth and make the most of our time as certified teachers

Supporting Promotions

You could support with calling campaigns, social media postings, schedule publishing etc.


Donation could be anything from a small pin to as large as a hall for sadhana, we will use every donation to grow and touch as many lives as possible

Community Programs

Introduce Sadhguru and Isha Hatha Yoga practices to your community for health and peace

Corporate Programs

Introduce Sadhguru and Isha Hatha Yoga to your office collegues. Help them improve their mental and physical health and overall productivity

Skill-based Volunteering

If you have any skill which you would like to share with us, we will be happy to have you!

To volunteer, please contact us directly @ 81096-96955